About Us

SkyCert is a highly innovative New Zealand company initially set up to handle the complex task of handling aviation records.

SkyCert is the portal that links all the parties together to get the job done in a collaborative way.    It includes a module that the regulator can use.

However, the programme is not limited to Aviation Medicine or even just Aviation.    SkyCert is currently branching out into other industries.

We are proud of our Kiwi can-do attitude and are passionate about doing things better.

We place a high value on integrity and have a real desire to work together.

We love the fact that our programme has nearly got rid of the paper generated in Aviation medicals.   It promotes speed and efficiency in the entire process.   This is not just good for those doing the job, but also the planet.

NZ has been needing a computerised system for pilot medicals for years.   SkyCert got up and running relatively quickly.    From day 1 it has worked well.    Doctors and pilots who have used overseas programmes say SkyCert is better.

SkyCert is a success through:

  • Globally recognised computer programming expertise.
  • The use of cutting-edge technology.
  • Medical Examiner input.
  • Pilot input.
  • Experience looking after thousands of pilots.
  • Business experience gained within some of the largest NZ and overseas companies.
  • Understanding about what is important to the public service and how we can help.
  • We listen to feed back from all of our users and act on it because we want the best for them all.

In addition to the above, SkyCert supports the humanitarian aviation work of MAF.

SkyCert is a Flexible World Class Programme.