Information for Medical Examiners

Pilots and Controllers probably do not realise how much administrative work is done by their Medical Examiner before they come and then after they leave. SkyCert will reduce this burden and make the process more enjoyable.

For example, Joanna says that when she uses SkyCert, she can write and send to the CAA a simple AMC request with all of the forms in the correct order in less than a minute, without having to print anything.

SkyCert calculates the certificate dates so you do not have to.

Once selected by the applicant your practice will automatically have access to all previous medicals done inside SkyCert. You will always be able to see what you have done, even if the pilot or controller does their next medical at another practice. I.e. you can see backwards but not forwards without the Pilot's permission.

Conditions and dates from the previous medicals come in automatically to the new medical.

SkyCert has a large focus on individual Medical businesses maintaining their own aviation patients. Other practices cannot see who are on your books. The Pilot and Air Traffic Controllers are the ones that choose who they see and who then can see their records.

The privacy of your information is of the utmost importance to us. There are strict rules inside SkyCert to allow users to only do what they are allowed. E.g. a nurse cannot print a medical or send to the CAA. Only a ME can do these tasks.

Users generate an audit trail inside SkyCert.

Please contact us at SkyCert for your free trial.

We believe that once you have tried SkyCert you'll think "there is no going back".

SkyCert is supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. We do not support Internet Explorer.

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