What Reports Will I Need?

To find out what reports you will need for your next medical, download the SkyCert Age Chart from here.

The following examples describe how to use the SkyCert Age Chart:

You need more for your first medical than your renewals. What you need for your renewal depends on your age.

Your medical examiner may also have required you to have extra tests for your next medical. Check the letter and MAR you were given at your last medical. Go prepared.

Find the age row when you did your last medical (e.g. the yellow row). Find the row for your age now (e.g. the green row).

You will need the tests between the yellow and green lines, including those on the green line.

This example shows that even though you hadan ECG, blood and audio at your last medical at age 44, you should have had them again at age 46. At age 47 you will need to catch up.

This example shows your last medical was at age 46. You had ECG, blood, and spirometry.

You don't need any of the standard tests at age 47.

Class 3 is very similar to class 1. Class 2 however is less strict.

This example shows your last medical was at age 45. You did not need anything.

You are now 47. If you were a smoker you will need a catch up spirometry from age 46.

At age 40 all medicals need to be done more often for class 1, 2, and 3.

If you get your medical at age 39 your medical will last the full 4 years for class 3, or 5 years for class 2. Your next medical will have the shorter duration.

This class 3 example needs ECG, blood, and audio at the age 40 medical.